Desert Springs Golf Resort

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The Desert Springs Resort and Golf Club is an international award winning family leisure resort offering everything that you could possible want on either a family or golfing holiday. The sheer beauty of the dramatic and rugged countryside, the golden light and the contrasting deep azure night sky create a sensation of timelessness and space.

Desert Springs has life style and leisure activities for just about everyone, the Sierra Sports and Fitness Club is located beside the famous Crocodile Club on the Desert Springs Resort. It provides a wide range of quality indoor and open-air sports and fitness facilities including a tennis academy, fully equipped gym, spa and wellness centre and the fantastic Indiana championship desert golf course with its emerald green fairways.

The Crocodile Club is the Resort Centre of Desert Springs and of the Lodge @ Desert Springs. It is set on a high point overlooking Desert Springs with views to the sea and the surrounding mountains, the Serrania Almeriense. It is housed in an enormous African style thatched long house built by South African craftsmen of poles and thatched with reed from their country. The concept comes from Elsa´s Kopje, a luxury Game Lodge in Meru National Park in Kenya.  The crocodile club hosts a range of bars and restaurants along with a large irregular shaped main swimming pool, chilling out pool and Jacuzzi all set within natural rock and cooled by an occasional fine mist. The main pool features underwater music and has a contra current to swim against. The fresh “desert springs” water, treated by a saline purification system, is free of eye stinging chlorine and is a delight for young and old. The pools are surrounded by cool grass sun bathing lawns, where families and friends can enjoy relaxed semi-private days at leisure, looked after by our friendly bar staff.

Prices based on 2 persons sharing a 1 bedroom apartment or 4 persons sharing a 2 bedroom apartment

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